The miracle of Spring is happening right now!

Trees.  They are the focal point in our landscapes and the gathering place in our gardens.  Their branches hold the morning songbirds and provide shelter for wildlife in all seasons.  Their flowers, eagerly awaited by humans and pollen hungry bees, are some of the earliest to bloom in Spring, exploding with life and color just when we need it most!  Cooling our summers and providing pleasant shade where families and friends sit to chat, where picnics and tea parties take place and lush perennials add depth to our gardens, trees bear witness to our lives.  As summer ends and the most colorful season of all lights up with golds, reds and autumn oranges, trees are once again the stars of the show.

Like old familiar friends, our trees are part of the family.  With outstretched arms, they welcome us home as daylight dwindles and temperatures drop.  Their tired leaves fall to the earth to provide cover for burrowing creatures and food for our gardens.  Budded branches are decorated with snow and ice for winter beauty until the miracle of Spring returns once more and those buds burst into bloom.

That season of rebirth is happening right now!  If you have trees in your landscape, make sure to observe the miracle of Spring that is taking place.  If you wish you had more friends with branches, let us help you choose a new addition or two from our selection of over 1,000 shade, flowering and evergreen trees.

Happy Spring!    ~ Marybeth