Our Favorite Trees: The Jane Magnolia

Doug Rhinehart 06/31/20 DIY

The Jane Magnolia

“I’m looking for a small tree that blooms in the spring.”
Look no further than the ‘Jane’ Magnolia.
We love this tree! Nothing welcomes spring like the large, showy blooms of this Magnolia. ‘Jane’ is also a slightly later bloomer, mid-April, which helps her avoid the frost damage that some earlier blooming Magnolias can suffer. If you need something for your back patio, deck, courtyard, or even an informal hedge, this is your gal! ‘Jane’ Magnolia is one of the easiest Magnolias to grow and maintain.

Things to keep in mind when planting:

– Grows 15’x12′ (HxW)
– Full sun- Part shade
– Tolerant of our clay soils, but if you really want her to thrive, we recommend amending your soil with Grandma’s Acidic mix.
– No pruning required. However, if you do want to shape her up a bit, remember to “Prune after the bloom”.
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