Your backyard oasis is waiting

Doug Rhinehart 06/31/20 DIY
The backyard can be a haven. A quiet space to read a book. A place for kids to play and discover. A gathering spot on a pleasant evening. Here are a few of our staples to help creating a welcoming and pleasant garden haven.


Start with perennials

Trees and shrubs have the wonderful job of helping to create structure, focal points, shade, and more – but it’s perennials that really help to fill out and bring life to a space. To fill out a garden walkway, use a nice mix of mounding plants (like catmint or euphorbia), tall, spiky plants (such as verbena or grasses or even ferns), and low, trailing plants (like creeping thyme or dianthus).

Add structure with pottery

Pottery can serve many functions, but it is undoubtedly one of the best ways to add structure to your garden. Whether your drawn to the classic look of cast-stone or the vibrant colors of glazed pottery, pottery can lend character to a garden, and act as an excellent focal point.

Movement and sound

The tinkling of water over stone helps create an even more relaxing backyard environment, a sense of cool and calm in the heat of summer. And they’re fun features for kids to splash little hands in.


Your backyard oasis is waiting.

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